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57% of all consumers are affected by the ratings of different customers when making their purchase decisions and base their opinion on them.

With us you will receive high-quality reviews. Build trust with customers and fight negative reviews that are not true.

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  • According to a study, companies with an average rating of less than 3.3 stars are not selected at all. Conversely, service providers with an average of 4.6 stars or better achieve 30% or more sales than companies with a lower rating.
  • Negative reviews are written 18 times more often, even though more than 98% of customers are satisfied with their product.
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Why are reviews so important!

From our own experience in the online sector: Both new customers and increasingly regular customers are reluctant to buy from a company that is rated more than 20% worse than comparable companies in the immediate vicinity.

There is an old German saying: "There will be some truth in it" stuck in the minds of most Germans, often rightly so. Reviews, mainly many positive reviews, will increase your ranking. Easier to find and reach more customers. This law applies to all platforms!

Reviews support your word of mouth. Were you recommended? Great and the potential customer now gets this recommendation confirmed by other customers. It doesn't get any better than that.


Buy reviews, our statement:

We're not on a mission to portray bad companies better than their true capabilities. We believe that the market will eliminate bad companies sooner or later.

Important - our testers / evaluators have the task of presenting your true capabilities. If we believe that your company is one of the 0.5% or so of companies that are really bad or cheat customers or rip off customers, we will NOT accept you as a customer and in this case we will reply to you within up to 48 hours after receiving the order, we will inform you that we do not want to cooperate with you and will give you a full refund.

It is our job to document good companies and to make them public. The practice is that customers often only share their bad experiences with the community, but unfortunately not the good experiences, but we at Reviewer Rating wouldn't be if we didn't have a solution for that too. We are your partner for qualitative assessments - and rating management!


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