More visibility

Amazon ads / PPC campaign

Amazon ads

  • Keyword research of your own listing
  • Keyword research of up to 5 competitors
  • Creation of approx. 500 -1,000 relevant keywords and keyword combinations
  • Setting up an auto-campaign gene
  • Setting up a Broad campaign gene
  • Set up an exact campaign gene
  • One-time adjustment of campaigns after 2-4 weeks
  • NO ongoing optimization of campaigns

Buy Amazon PPC campaign optimization - increase sales and visibility

More customers! Revise your Amazon PPC / Ads now!

Google is still the largest search engine in the western hemisphere, but now only for finding solution information. Amazon has become the undisputed number 1 for product searches .

That¬†does¬†n’t¬†mean¬†Google¬†isn’t¬†for¬†your product anymore¬†¬†on the contrary,¬†the¬†two¬†can complement each other beautifully,¬†but¬†we’ll get to¬†that¬†later.

Finding all relevant Amazon keywords from the product is the first important step in Amazon search optimization. The more keywords or search queries a product covers, the more visibility it can gain.

It¬†‘s¬†not just¬†about¬†the¬†quantity,¬†but¬†also¬†about¬†the quality and relevance of the¬†keywords.¬†Relevance goes without saying. When you¬†‘re¬†looking¬†for¬†sneakers¬†,¬†they¬†don’t¬†want to introduce¬†you¬†to¬†flip-flops¬†.¬†Find¬†keywords that¬†describe¬†your¬†product¬†hits¬†.


The performance factors depend on your base:

  • sales figures
  • conversion rate
  • Traffic and interaction, e.g
  • Product added to cart
  • Good ratio of new visitors and returning visitors who then buy

The icing on the cake, the reviews:

  • Verified sales that lead to the best possible reviews

Basically¬†, that’s the whole theoretical secret of¬†Amazon product optimization,¬†which¬†always¬†starts with¬†find¬†or

Keyword optimization starts and leads to good results through a relevant list.

The most important points in Amazon optimization

  • A keyword research for to get relevant keywords from search queries
  • competitive analysis
  • Good product images that are emotionally appealing
  • Catchy title and meaningful key points
  • Benefit-based description – with resolution – solution – benefit and final call to action, the
  • call to action
  • Main keywords for other keywords that you could n’t include in the list
  • Dealer price, value for money and relationship must be right
  • The right category

It¬†‘s¬†not just¬†about¬†quantity,¬†it ‘s¬†also¬†about quality and keyword relevance. Relevance goes without saying. If you’re looking for¬†sneakers,¬†you¬†don’t¬†want¬†to¬†get¬†acquainted¬†with¬†flip flops.¬†Find¬†keywords that¬†describe¬†your¬†product¬†hits¬†.¬†Don’t squint at high¬†positions¬†that don’t bring¬†income¬†.¬†Amazon¬†redirects¬†these¬†products¬†based¬†on¬†their¬†own¬†relevance¬†,¬†which also includes¬†sales¬†and¬†positive¬†reviews¬†.

Amazon’s search engine is¬†simply called¬†A9.¬†This algorithm is less complex than Google’s.¬†It¬†‘s not¬†necessary¬†as Amazon’s goal¬†is,¬†so¬†speed and flexibility¬†are¬†more of¬†an advantage.¬†The¬†A9 algorithm¬†is¬†faster and more flexible than¬†Google ‘s¬†,¬†which¬†has¬†grown¬†in number¬†thanks to¬†many¬†updates¬†over¬†the years¬†.

With ads optimization on Amazon to more sales!

For higher rankings and more product sales on the largest marketplace in the world. Amazon is not only one of the most successful online shops, but due to its relevance has also developed into the largest product search since access by external retailers.

With 4 to 5 times more search queries, it even overtook the class leader Google. We show you how to be found with targeted optimization for more relevant search terms, how to be found in the Amazon TOP 20 for these search terms. Because even on Amazon, if you’re not there, you’re not visible enough. We will show you how your products can increase in number and thus sell better.

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