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Buy Facebook reviews - the key to success on social networks

More customers! Buy Facebook reviews now!

The old good times with meetings on the playgrounds and life without a telephone is no longer possible today.

Unfortunately, the days when we can ignore Facebook are over. We first started to build a company page. The benefit of this platform was not clear to us at that time.


And then came the first reactions, the first reviews from people we’ve never heard of or have ever been a customer of, but who probably don’t like us. Criticism was now posted publicly and was visible to everyone. Criticism that harms our business and sales, don’t put up with it!

We’ve been talking to Facebook support for days but were powerless so we searched the web.

You found us – and yes, you can trust us, we have the solution.

Buy Facebook reviews - it's that easy to be successful!

Buying Facebook reviews is legally safe. Strictly speaking, this is a violation of the UWG. However, this only comes into play if a competitor can prove that they have bought reviews. It has to be said that this case has never happened before.

Buying Facebook reviews is easy – through our automatic ordering process, we have made it very easy to order reviews online. You will usually get results within 48 hours.

Buy Facebook reviews from Reviewer Rating because we only work with real testers and real Google accounts. We do not use fake accounts or IP switcher accounts which can block you.

More than 86% of customers read Reviews before deciding to buy online or offline!

That’s why it’s important to let malicious competitors and former employees or the like, who shape the image of your company, disappear.

So act like an entrepreneur and buy reviews. Don’t let a competitor ruin your business. Let us present your company in the right light.

Why should I buy from Reviewer Rating ?

Reviewer-Rating is your partner when it comes to online reputations. You need reviews for platforms like e.g Google, Trustpilot, Autoscout24 and  many more. Since we are the only provider who supplies you with both ratings and evaluators, Reviewer-Rating is the only provider in Germany that does not obtain its ratings externally and will therefore not pass on any company data to 3! Trust the market leader for ratings in Europe.

Do you have an individual request?

Give your company the chance to become a star. Test our offer today and let us convince you. We would be happy to advise you comprehensively and start your evaluation campaign today.

How does buying Facebook reviews work?

First Step

First you choose the amount of reviews you want to buy.

Second Step

After you have chosen the right package, please go to the checkout and paste your link in the notes field (Google, Trustpilot, etc.)

Third Step

After receiving the payment, we will provide you with the desired number of reviews. Delivery starts in less than 24 hours!

This is what customers say about reviewer ratings

Get to know us and position yourself at the top with us. Here you will find some of our customer feedback, let us convince you with a free evaluation!


FAQs - Answers to frequently asked questions

How can I buy Facebook reviews?

You can buy reviews for your company, restaurant, e-book or blog here, simply, easily and without hassle. Facebook is not the only rating platform on which we are active. We also provide reviews for other review platforms such as Tripadvisor, Jameda, Kununu and many more.

Are the Facebook reviews from real customers?

Yes, the reviews we provide are 100% from real customers. We do not use scripts or bots to provide fake results or results harmful to your business.

Can Facebook ban me for these reviews?

No, Facebook will in no way block you from using its services because you have purchased our service. Our methods comply with the Facebook Terms of Service. There is therefore no need to worry!

Why us from Reviewer Rating?

We are your number one choice as a vendor as we are able to provide our customers with both – reviews and reviewers. We are the only provider in the German-speaking area that does not obtain its reviews from external providers and therefore does not pass on any company data to third parties. Trust the many years of experience that we can show as the market leader for reviews in Europe. With our ratings, you will stand out from your competitors and get the advantage and ranking on Facebook that you have always wanted.



What is the quality of the evaluations we initiate?

You receive unbiased, authentic, high-quality and individual reviews for your company, your goods and services. We do not sell fake reviews.

Do you have an individual request or need more information?

Then send us an email or give us a call: Contact.
Our employees will contact you immediately.

We look forward to advising you on the possibilities and implementation of your marketing and to developing a tailor-made and individual concept for your requirements and your addressees.

We provide information about other interesting topics, ideas and tips in our blog.

What are you waiting for? Leave your competition behind. Get to know us and position yourself at the top with us.

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