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What is the importance of Google reviews on the Internet?

The majority of consumers nowadays make their buying decisions based on reviews they read during their online research on search engines such as Google. For this reason, Google reviews for businesses and the associated reputation building are an important tool in the SEO manager’s toolbox when it comes to free marketing. 

A few numbers in advance:

  • Nine out of ten customers read online reviews before purchasing a new product.
  • 62% of customers do not buy from companies that censor their reviews.
  • 79% of respondents trust ratings as much as a personal recommendation from a friend.
  • Google is the most popular platform on the market. 59% of consumers use Google to read free reviews.
  • 54% of customers read at least four reviews in advance before buying a product.
  • Customers expect companies to respond to their negative review within a week.
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  • 97% of online shoppers also read the comments of the company in question in addition to reviews.
  • Eight out of ten consumers report in surveys that they read reviews about local business establishments on the Internet.

Reviews on Google can have a lasting impact on your company’s reputation and your customers’ decisions. And since Google claims 96% of the search engine market share, you can be sure that these reviews have a high impact.

Does a Google review affect the ranking?

Google Rezensionen haben einen nicht zu vernachlässigenden Einfluss auf das lokale SEO (unter anderem bei Google Maps) und dementsprechend auch auf das lokale Ranking. Mindestens auf das Ranking des My-Business-Eintrags von Google. Und das bei weitem nicht zu knapp.

Unternehmen, die oft und positiv bewertet wurden, werden offenkundig von ihren Kunden sehr geschätzt. So sollten auch Unternehmen, die den Kunden gefallen, natürlich auch einfacher entdeckt werden. Schließlich will Google seine Kunden zufriedenstellen und ihnen zeigen, wonach sie suchen. Daher werden Einträge mit positiven und zahlreichen Bewertungen natürlich bevorzugt berücksichtigt bzw. ihr Ranking wird dadurch beeinflusst.

In this way, you can save yourself expensive marketing campaigns and increase your sales if you consider the untapped possibilities of Google reviews, which are practically right in front of you.

In order to benefit from the many advantages, you should, among other things, take the initiative and interact with as many reviews from your customers as possible.

However, if you haven’t been rated often before, one of your SEO goals is to get as many reviews as possible. Our tip: for example, by emailing customers and asking them to leave a review on Google for your website.

In today’s world, a business can rarely be successful if it has poor, few or no reviews on Google. It is also in your best interest to respond to reviews on a regular basis. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a positive or negative review.

Google Bewertungen kaufen verbessert die SEO

The most important thing when dealing with negative reviews is:

Instead of responding with a petty response, consider how you can use these conflicts to improve your business. Remember that the whole world can see your reaction. Responding to bad reviews in a timely and respectful manner allows you to turn bad experiences into opportunities to build customer loyalty. A good idea, isn’t it?

How meaningful are Google reviews in practice?

The importance of reviews can be viewed from several perspectives. On the one hand there is the consumer’s point of view and the first impression and the effect of the rating stars and texts. On the other hand, the importance for the ranking of the search results on Google.

If you want to increase your traffic, you need to be competitive enough to make a name for yourself in your niche. The trust of your customers is therefore an essential part to increase the success and credibility of your company to become one of the most sought-after companies in your specific field or industry through your excellent rating average. Buying Google reviews is a simple tool to increase the visibility of your website and place you on the first page of search results.

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However, if the growth in the number of your organic reviews is very slow, there is an opportunity to help yourself and stand out from the competition by purchasing our Google reviews. You don’t have to worry because you can buy truthful and honest reviews that will serve you as one of your most efficient marketing strategies to increase your business’s sales even further.

Whether you’re a small, medium, or large business, buying reviews will help you get your business more exposure and exposure to an even wider audience.

Get Google reviews deleted now!

Statistically, bad reviews are written far more often than positive ones.

Hopefully customers usually forget to leave a positive review, but unfortunately when things don’t work out as expected they are more than happy to leave a review instead of complaining on the spot and the situation. Especially if you have had few reviews so far, if you have received many negative reviews, this is a real problem that we would like to help you with. If you’ve received an unjustified negative review, we’re happy to help you improve your average rating so your review can be removed.

In which cases can we delete your Google reviews?

  1. You had already tried to have the ratings deleted using another service.
  2. You have submitted your order to several agencies.
  3. The reviewer can prove that his statements are correct (very rare)
  4. You have commented on the rating (then please remove the comment again)
  5. The reviewer posted pictures in their review.

What is the process of placing an order with Reviewer Rating?

  1. First you choose the amount of reviews you want to buy.


  2. After you have chosen the desired package and it is in your shopping cart, please go to the checkout and paste your link in the notes field.

  3. After receiving the payment, we start our work immediately.

If we are not able to delete your rating, we will give you 5 ratings for your profile!


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FAQs - Answers to frequently asked question

How can I buy Google reviews?

You can buy reviews for your company, restaurant, e-book or blog here, simply, easily and without hassle. Google is not the only rating platform on which we are active. We also provide reviews for other review platforms such as Tripadvisor, Jameda, Kununu and many more.

Are the Google reviews from real customers?

Yes, the reviews we provide are 100% from real customers. We do not use scripts or bots to provide fake results or results harmful to your business.

Can Google ban me for these reviews?

No, Google will in no way block you from using their services because you have purchased our service. Our methods comply with the Google Terms of Service. There is therefore no need to worry!

Why us from Reviewer Rating?

We are your first choice as a provider because we are able to provide our customers with both – reviews and reviewers. We are the only provider in the German-speaking area that does not obtain its reviews from external providers and therefore does not pass on any company data to third parties. Trust the many years of experience that we can show as the market leader for reviews in Europe. With our reviews, you will stand out from your competitors and get the lead and ranking on Google that you have always wanted.

What is the quality of the evaluations we initiate?

You receive unbiased, authentic, high-quality and individual reviews for your company, your goods and services. We do not sell fake reviews.

Do you have an individual request or need more information?

Then send us an email or give us a call: Contact.

Our employees will contact you immediately.

We look forward to advising you on the possibilities and implementation of your marketing and to developing a tailor-made and individual concept for your requirements and your addressees.

We inform you about other interesting topics, ideas and tips in our Blog.

What are you waiting for? Leave your competition behind. Get to know us and position yourself at the top with us.

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