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If you have received negative reviews that present your company in the wrong light then you should react as soon as possible

Customers need security when buying online products. This also applies to Amazon. Given the determination of customers to buy on Amazon and more than 300 million active customer accounts. If Amazon is the largest marketplace for products that means a lot of competition, so prove to your customers that your product is worth its money.

The easiest way is through positive reviews.
Amazon uses a run-of-the-mill framework for this, in which customers should submit a review by email after the purchase. But very few give a review after receiving the order.

In particular, customers who are often satisfied with your product do not share their positive experiences. Likewise, negative criticism is not identified with your goods or services, but with the performance of third parties such as shipping.

At Reviewer Rating you can purchase verified and real Amazon ratings.
We have a large selection of testers in Germany and worldwide we do not use bots and all our testers behave like normal customers, most of our competitors unfortunately deal with fake accounts or IP switches.

Google Bewertungen kaufen

More than 86% of customers read reviews before they buy the product on Amazon!

That is why it is important to malicious competitors or customers who do not evaluate the product but the delivery quality but with our method you not only generate many new reviews but also increase the ranking of your product by up to 56%, how it works is simply because our customers are theirs Products like normal people look for, they don’t act like bots and each of our reviews is checked beforehand



How does buying Amazon reviews work?

1) First, choose the amount of Amazon reviews you want to buy.

2) Please write down your product link in the notes


Go to the checkout now.

3) Fill in all relevant data regarding your company here. We need this information in order to create and send you a correct invoice. Immediately after payment, you will receive your invoice by email, which you can present to the tax office

Now go ahead and choose your payment method.

4) How you can pay:

You can complete the purchase of your reviews with a payment by invoice, credit card or direct debit.

5) Select “Buy” and we will start to improve your rating profile sustainably.

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