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Buy Facebook reviews from professionals

Buying Facebook reviews – the key to success on social networks

The good old days with meetings on the playgrounds and life without a telephone are no longer possible today.

Unfortunately, the days are over when we can ignore Facebook. First we started to build a company website. The benefits of this platform were not yet clear to us.

And then there were the first reactions, the first reviews from people we have never heard of or were customers of, but who probably don’t like us. Criticism was now posted publicly and was visible to everyone. Do not put up with criticism that harms our business and sales!

We talked to the support from Facebook for days but were powerless and searched the Internet.

You have found us – and yes you can trust us, we have the solution.


Because with serious, German ratings, we quickly raise the average of your ratings.

And the advantage of Reviewer Rating is that our ratings are not only cheap but also of top quality – ask the competition about their rating rate.

We recommend that you buy ten positive reviews for each negative review in order to restore the balance.

So you can increase the damage caused by bad ratings from 1.0 to an average of 4.6, which would be a straight 1 in school grades.

Who are you rated by?

First, let’s say something about the speed with which we publish your reviews.

This is based on the number of reviews already available. In general, the fewer ratings you currently have, the slower the display.

We therefore pay close attention to when reviews are published or written.

Facebook Bewertungen kaufen

The number of stars also depends on their current state. If your average is below 3.0, we start with three stars, increase to four stars and finally write reviews with five stars. That means not every rating you buy from us is a 5 star rating. Rather, the worse your cut is, the lower we rate you at the beginning. For your own good, so that you don’t attract attention or even risk your profile.

Forget cheap 1 Euro ratings that come from Indians or ratings from the USA. Our ratings all come from the roof region (Europe), which brings enormous protection for your account

In this way, the reviews are permanently retained and offer them the desired benefits.

Can you also have your own texts published?

No, unfortunately you cannot. But you can give us keywords. Our reviewers only give their own opinion.

Facebook Bewertungen kaufen

Why should you buy from Reviewer Rating?

We could tell you now because you are buying from the market leader but we prefer to let actions speak instead of words. We have been on the market for several years and improve our processes every day to achieve the best result

What is the process of buying Facebook reviews?

  1. You buy the package that’s right for you.
  2. You enter the link to your Facebook page.
  3. If you have any wishes, please write us a note.
  4. And we’ll deliver the first review to you within 48 hours.

It’s that easy! Buy Facebook ratings now from professionals!

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